The History

of Zumba Dancing

When a Colombian fitness trainer decided that he can combine his love for both the dancing, fun music and calorie-burning fitness workouts as one, the unique style of Zumba was born! A child of the ’90s, this is a truly unique and effective combo of dancing and fitness!

Dancing & Aerobics!

If you’ve ever attended any dancing classes and/or fitness/gym workouts, then you know that either of those 2 serves 1 goal – to make you more fit! Of course, when it comes to dancing it also gives you peace of mind and a lot of good times, right? So why not combine those two routines as one, and call it Zumba! This is what makes it so special – having fun times when doing workouts (or dancing, which is all the same here)!

A Zoomba Class for Anyone!

As opposed to some other dancing styles and fitness workouts, Zumba actually is divided into a few categories of classes, each single on tailored to a specific group of people with same pace and needs! Besides our regular classes, we also have Zumba for elderly people, Zumba for kids and even Aqua Zumba! This means that anyone with any stamina will be able to practice it easily!

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